The Baileys - A legacy of lasting support

A contemporary hymn asks, “How does the creature say thanks?” Many find that the best expression of gratitude is found in giving. Dallas and Ann Bailey have decided to give back to an institution that gave so much to them.

As an expression of their gratitude to God for the long relationship they have enjoyed with West Virginia Wesleyan College, Dallas and Ann Bailey have established the Dallas and Ann Bailey Memorial Trust. While they have created and funded the trust during their lifetimes, their plan is that it will provide a benefit after they are both deceased, hence the name “Memorial.” Their trust will be not only a permanent reminder of a long-time staff member of West Virginia Wesleyan, but also will provide financial assistance to others who attend the College. What a generous legacy!

Robert Skinner, the College’s Vice President for Advancement, said “Dallas and Ann helped thousands of Wesleyan students during their lifetime.  They provided constant encouragement and challenged students to live out Wesleyan’s mission.  Their decision to include the College in their future plans will extend their influence to future generations of Wesleyan students. We are grateful for their lives and for their wonderful generosity.”

At the United Methodist Foundation, we strive to match donors needs to give, in whatever their circumstances, to the needs of the ministry they love and want to support. For Dallas and Ann Bailey, that meant helping them now to start the fund that will be a benefit in the future. If you would like to consider the possibilities of leaving a legacy for ministry, contact Jeff Taylor or Kim Matthews at The Foundation.