For the Betterment of the Lives of Children

The Joseph and Nellie Parriott Permanent Endowment Trust for Children  

Joseph and Nellie ParriottJoe and Nellie Parriott knew they wanted to make a transformational gift during their lifetimes that would have a lasting impact on improving the lives of children around the world for generations to come.  The real challenge for them was to figure out how their gift could meet the needs that might exist ten, twenty, or one hundred years in the future.

They considered the many and varied worthy organizations that have a positive impact on children’s lives, both in West Virginia and around the world.  They thought about how circumstances change and needs shift from year to year.  Ultimately, they decided to make a generous permanent gift to The Foundation “for the betterment of the lives of children…in the world.”  In their agreement with The Foundation, the Parriots direct that the endowment be used for a broad variety of assistance, including nourishment, education, health care, adoption services, and moral upbringing of children within the boundaries of our Conference and all over the world.

The Parriots liked the idea that The Foundation can make distributions to a variety of causes that help children.  The Foundation will determine from year to year where the needs are the greatest consistent with Joe’s and Nellie’s expressed intentions of helping children.  This means that as circumstances change around the Conference and around the world, Joe and Nellie will continue to respond through their gift to The Foundation.   We are grateful for persons like Joe and Nellie Parriott, whose generous legacies will have a lasting influence on the lives of others.

If you would like to consider the possibilities of building a legacy that will reach generations to come, contact The Foundation.