Foundation Grants

The Foundation’s grant program is a demonstration of how we fulfill the mission of having been sent in Jesus’ name with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Each year The Foundation tithes anticipated revenue to help provide funding for ministry that is reaching out into the world.  Grants support outward focused ministries - addressing the needs of the poor, lost, and marginalized - helping Annual Conference ministries to increase their relevancy to the world. That's what we're about, isn't it? Changing the world?

Awards are granted based on the following guidelines:

  • In general, Foundation grants are not intended to provide sustaining support or to fund the existing regular operational obligations of a church or agency.  Rather, Foundation grants are primarily intended to help initiate programs, projects or activities – especially those that are innovative, new or acutely needed.  Our priority is to fund activities in the conference that have the capacity of enriching many or all local churches' ministries.  
  • We will avoid becoming the perpetual funder for any ongoing program or ministry.  
  • We target our resources primarily to United Methodist programs and ministries of the West Virginia Annual Conference.  
  • We want to be targeted and strategic in our grant-making, preferring to make fewer substantial commitments, rather than diluting our impact by spreading our resources thinly over many small requests.   
  • We conscientiously attempt to communicate with conference leadership to better understand the Conference’s needs and opportunities.

In your submission, please include the following information, along with anything else you would consider to be helpful:

  • Ministry name and address
  • Contact person's name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Description of the project or program for which you are seeking monetary support. 
  • Information regarding how the proposal fulfills the guidelines listed above.
  • Information concerning total budget, other sources of budgetary support, and the amount you are requesting from The Foundation through the grant process.
  • Projection of how you will judge the success of the program, if appropriate.
  • Statement concerning how the project will it be funded in the future (after the Foundation's grant support is complete).

The submission deadlines are March 31 and August 31. Submissions should be made to or mailed to our address (P.O. Box 3811, Charleston, WV, 25338-3811).   An informational flyer can be downloaded here.