Planning for the Church's Future

The congregation of Logan Memorial United Methodist Church was faced with a blessing and a challenge -- how to be good stewards of a financial gift to the church.

At the invitation of the Church, Jeff Taylor and Kim Matthews met with the congregation to consider the possibilities of how the Foundation could be of serviceLogan Memorial United Methodist Church altar.    The Church decided to create two Funds at the Foundation.  The Memorial Endowment Trust is a perpetual Trust for the future of the church, and will provide a steady stream of income while the principal is allow to grow.  The Building Fund Memorial Custodial Account is a reserve fund.  It gives Logan Memorial the flexibility to access all of the invested funds if it becomes necessary. 

This strategy of creating both an Endowment Trust and Custodial Account means that all of the funds are invested wisely, earning a reasonable return.  The Church is looking forward to the future while being prepared for the rainy day.

Contact the Foundation to consider the possibilities.