Welcome Foundation Representatives


Thank you for your willingness to serve as Foundation Representative of the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc. In this important role, you are a link between the local church and the Foundation, which helps strengthen and expand ministry. We want to provide you with all of the training and resources you need so you can serve with confidence and competence. Please call on us for materials or advice.

Please explore The Foundation website. You can learn more about serving as a Foundation Representative on this page. Stay in touch with us via Facebook (www.facebook.com/umfwv).  

Sunday, April 22 is United Methodist Foundation Sunday, a special Sunday to celebrate the ministry of The Foundation. We will be in touch with you soon regarding resources that are available to you and your church to celebrate the ministry of The Foundation.

If you are attending Annual Conference this year, we invite you to join us for our Foundation luncheon on Saturday, June 9. Feel free to extend this invitation to others from your charge who may be attending Annual Conference.

Please call us any time with questions. Thank you again for your willingness to serve.