Year-End Giving Opportunities

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times we often reflect on all God has done for us. This time of year, perhaps more than others, we are motivated to offer our thanks to God and to express our thanks by giving to others. Careful consideration of the form and timing of your charitable gifts can help magnify the impact of your gift on ministry. You may learn that you can make a gift you didn’t think was possible. 

In order to help you with your year-end gift planning, we have included a Year-End Giving brochure in this newsletter. It contains information about different ways to make a gift and considerations about tax benefits that you can explore with your financial advisor. Make gifts by December 31 of this year, and you can experience the joy of giving now, and also receive potential tax benefits.

We also have limited quantities of our Year-End Giving brochure available at no cost to churches in the West Virginia Conference.  Conract us to place an order.

If you have questions about planned giving at year end, or at any time of the year, please contact Jeff Taylor or Kim Matthews.