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Academy Presenters

Academy Presenters

The Academy features five keynote presenters:

Rev. Scott McKenzie, Ph.D. is a partner and Senior Vice President with Horizons Stewardship.  He is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church from the Western Pennsylvania Conference. He has over 20 years of experience in stewardship development, capital campaigns, vision discernment and conflict management.  He has authored and co-authored several books on the topics of generosity. Dr. McKenzie passionately believes stewardship is ultimately a question of faith development and discipleship. As a national workshop leader and conference speaker, he teaches stewardship as “grounded in gratitude, revealed in prayer and lived in faith.” 

Rev. Craig Miller has been a Ministry Strategist with Horizons Stewardship for 15 years. He has worked with small to very large churches, spanning 20 denominations, with a variety of projects ranging from new construction to debt retirement and including building additions, remodeling projects, annual budgets, and endowment work. His heart has always called him to ministry over money, and he counts changing the church’s stewardship culture as his primary goal.

Rev. Jay Rundell was appointed president of MTSO in July of 2006. A native of South Dakota, Rundell graduated from Augustana College in Sioux Falls and earned a Master of Divinity degree from Iliff School of Theology. He is an ordained elder in the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Rundell is a member of the Association of United Methodist Theological Schools and the National Association of Colleges and Universities of the United Methodist Church. He has served on the Commission on Theological Education of the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, sits on the Board of Directors of Educational and Institutional Insurance Administrators Inc., and is president of the Theological Consortium of Greater Columbus.

Rev. Jeff Taylor is President of the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc.  

Kim Matthews, CLM is Vice President of the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc.

Jeff and Kim's biographical information can be found here.

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