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Endowments and Donor Advised Funds

Your gift to The Foundation can create an Endowment, which is a permanent resource for ministry, or a Donor Advised Fund, which is a charitable giving account for which you can give us advice regarding distributions.


An Endowment account at The Foundation creates a permanent financial resource for future ministry.  Usually only the annual income or a percentage of the market value is distributed to ministry each year while the principal is not spent and is allowed to grow.  

We will work with you to design an endowment that makes your goals a reality. Endowments can benefit the ministry of your choice, and can include your church, other ministries of the West Virginia Annual Conference, or any charitable organization that is close to your heart.  Endowments can benefit a single ministry, or several organizations.   The account can be funded with a current gift or a future gift through any number of planned giving options.

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund is an account at The Foundation to which you can make gifts and then provide advice regarding distributions to other charitable organizations that you want to support.  It is seen as an alternative to a family foundation but does not require a separate tax return or a minimum annual distribution.

With a donor advised fund, you technically give up control of the distributions, but, as a practical matter, The Foundation honors donors’ advice as long as it is not contrary to our core values. 

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