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Advanced Course in Stewardship

The Online Academy of Faith and Generosity can be used as part of a Lay Advanced Course Credit.


  • Participate in all four classes of the Online Foundation Academy of Faith and Generosity.  Participation can be competed either by attending the live event or viewing the recording of the session.
  • Complete ONE of the Elective Projects listed below
  • Apply to the Foundation for the Advanced Course Credit following the completion of the Core classes and the Elective Project.  The application for credit must be received by December 31, 2020.

You can download the Course Requirements at this link.

Core Classes

Those seeking Advanced Credit must participate in all four sessions of the Online Academy.  Session descriptions and dates are available on this page.

Elective Project #1

Select and view three webinars from the list below.  (Prior participation in any webinar will count).

Elective Project #2

Instead of the elective webinars listed above, participants can complete the following project:

  • Read A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen (book is available free from The Foundation - request it at
  • Write a summary (at least one page) of your experience reading the book and include three concepts that were new to you or that changed your understanding of fundraising.
  • Submit the completed writing project to the Foundation online at this link, or by mailing it to us (P.O. Box 3811, Charleston, WV  25338) or by emailing it to us (
  • Remember, submission of your project is only one part of the course.  Once you have submitted the project and completed the other requirements outlined above, you still need to complete the Application for Credit (below) to receive your Lay Advanced Class certificate.

Application for Credit

To apply for credit for the Advanced Course in Stewardship offered by The Foundation, please complete this online form. Once accepted, the Foundation will mail you a Certificate of Completion that you can share with your District Lay Servant Ministry Coordinator.

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