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Peace with Justice in Every Clime and Place

The Carter Center, founded by former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter is a nonprofit, charitable organization with a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering. The Carter Center’s goal is to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health. These goals align with the worldview of Rev. Greg and Lisa Godwin, motivating them to create an endowment at The Foundation to provide a permanent financial resource for The Carter Center.
In addition to his upbringing in parsonages in West Virginia as the son of a United Methodist minister, Rev. Godwin was formed as a young person serving in the United States Marine Corps and Diplomatic Security Service. “In Every Clime and Place” is the Motto of Marine Security Guards that serve in embassies and consulates worldwide. He recognized that there are children in every clime and place desiring to be safe and flourish in peace. Rev. Godwin realized, however, that some children struggle because of injustice in the world.
Diplomats serve in every clime and place, working for peace with justice in a world that doesn’t always experience peace. Diplomats serve working long hours, bravely and courageously. Their work is essential to a world of peace with justice. As a Marine Security Guard behind bulletproof glass while serving with diplomats and living among foreign nationals, Rev. Godwin had a kaleidoscope-like view into the world’s beauty and cultures and an opportunity to observe and participate in world events cultivating an understanding that we are all part of a global community.
Rev. Godwin served as a Marine Security Guard in Karachi, Tel Aviv. During that time, he was greatly influenced by Ambassador Samuel Lewis, appointed by President Carter as Ambassador to Israel. Ambassador Lewis was a key leader in the Camp David peace process. Due to heightened security during this time, Marines in the security detail were assigned around the clock to the Ambassador’s residence, allowing for a more intimate relationship with the Ambassador.
These formational experiences and the impact they undoubtedly had on their ministries led Lisa and Greg to want to provide sustaining support for the vital work of The Carter Center through the Peace with Justice in Every Clime and Place Trust for the Carter Center, managed by the United Methodist Foundation. The Godwins are longtime Foundation supporters and donors.
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