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Securing the Present and Future of All Faith Chapel

In January, the West Virginia Conference United Methodist Men launched a fundraising campaign to maintain the All Faith Chapel at West Virginia University Jackson’s Mill. When the Chapel was built, the United Methodist Men of West Virginia were key supporters. The chapel has stood as a “silent pastor” for the campus since 1959. Since its completion, the chapel has provided a haven for those who would come quietly to worship God, surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. For those attending the annual gathering of United Methodist Men at “the Mill,” the chapel has been a sacred space where transformation occurs.
The goal of the fundraising campaign is to attract the financial resources needed to maintain the chapel for future generations. While the staff at WVU Jackson’s Mill has done an excellent job maintaining the building’s integrity over the years, the United Methodist Men approached the staff about collaborating on projects to enhance the worship space and the exterior, including repairing a stone retaining wall and refinishing the wood exterior.
With assistance from the United Methodist Foundation, the United Methodist Men created a custodial account to address the immediate needs and an endowment to provide funding for future repairs and improvement.
By the time of the gathering of United Methodist Men at Jackson’s Mill this past September, over $14,000 had been raised to complete the immediate repairs.
The focus now is to build the endowment to at least $50,000 so there will be perpetual funding to ensure this sacred worship space for future generations.
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