Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees 2018

The United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc. is governed by a Board of Trustees who are active United Methodists (lay and clergy) from West Virginia and Garrett County, Maryland. 

Board members are elected for a three-year term during the Board of Trustees' fall annual meeting. The Executive Committee consists of the resident Bishop, who serves as Honorary Chairperson of the Board, Board Officers and Committee Chairpersons. The Board of Trustees conducts four meetings per year.

The Board of Trustees and Officers for 2020 are as follows:

  • Maribeth Anderson - Church Relations Committee
  • Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball - Honorary Chairperson
  • Susannah Carpenter - Chief Financial Office
  • Cheryl Davis - Vice-Chairperson, Personnel Committee Chairperson, Grants Committee, Church Relations Committee
  • D. Lyn Dotson - Chairperson of the Board, Leadership Development Committee
  • Lauren Godwin - Church Relations Committee Chairperson, Grants Committee
  • Joseph B. A. Hill - Investments Committee
  • Scarlett Kellerman - Investment Committee
  • Rev. Dr. Joseph Kenaston - Cabinet Liaison, Advisory Member, Grants Committee
  • Aileen Lee - Church Relations Committee, Personnel Committee
  • Kimberly A. Matthews - Vice President
  • Albert (Vic) Mays - Resource Development Committee
  • Barbara McDowell - Church Relations Committee
  • Chris Meighen - Resource Development Committee
  • Gina Palmer - Resource Development Committee Chairperson, Grants Committee
  • Michael Perkins - Investment Committee 
  • Judy Raines - Treasurer, Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Personnel Committee, Grants Committee, Church Relations Committee
  • Deborah Shaffer - Resource Development Committee
  • Ed Sisson - Leadership Development Committee
  • Rev. Jeffrey A. Taylor - President
  • Richard Toothman - Church Relations Committee
  • Jim Wadsworth - Resource Development Committee
  • Jeff Welshonce - Investment Committee
  • Vernon Webster - Investment Committee
  • Kristi Wilkerson - Resource Development Committee
  • Rev. Dr. William Wilson - Church Relations Committee