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Churches & Agencies

The Foundation can be your partner in finance and stewardship ministries.  Contact us to learn how we can help.  

  • The Foundation serves as the administrator of long-term custodial accounts. For more information about the financial and investment services of The Foundation, click this link.  
  • We help ministries to create and grow endowment funds for future ministry.   We travel around the Conference to meet with committees, board and leadership teams to explore the possibilities of how The Foundation can be of service. We also have the capacity to host web-based meetings if that way of meeting is preferable for your church or committee. 
  • We welcome opportunities to lead discussions, classes, and workshops about stewardship and planned giving.  Contact us as you plan for clergy or lay leadership events or meetings with individuals who are identified as having a need to know about planned giving.
  • Jeff Taylor is a Deacon in the United Methodist Church and Kim Matthews is a Certified Lay Minister. Invite us to your church to preach or teach.

Does it sound like we can help?

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