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Financial Overview

Financial Information

The Foundation’s financial policies are a demonstration of our commitment to both sound fiscal practices and Christian discipleship.

The Foundation’s Investment Policy focuses on preservation of capital along with a reasonable return on investment without unreasonable risk. Our investments are a reflection of our Christian principles.  We practice sustainable investing, which means our investments are made in accordance with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church: corporations whose major revenues are derived from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, production of nuclear armaments, pornography, and private prisons are excluded.

Because discipleship is more than avoidance, we also make intentional efforts to invest in companies that have a solid track record in terms of their concern for the environment, social values, and good governance. We employ Wespath Institutional Investments as The Foundation’s professional investment manager.  Wespath counsels us in making decisions about asset allocation and selects world-class money managers. The Foundation's Finance and Investment Committee monitors investment performance in consultation with Wespath.

You decide which of The Foundation’s Investment Funds to use.  Each one offers different allocations to stocks and bonds

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