Financial Information

The Foundation has a conservative Investment Policy with the goals of preservation of capital along with a reasonable return on investment without unreasonable risk.   Our investments are made in accordance with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church which exclude those corporations whose major revenues are derived from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, production of nuclear armaments and pornography, etc.  In addition, through Wespath Investment Management, we practice Sustainable Investing.

We employ Wespath Investment Management as the Foundation’s professional Investment manager.  Wespath counsels us in making decisions about asset allocation and selects world-class money managers. The Foundation's Investment Committee monitors investment performance in consulation with Wespath.

As the donor of endowment funds or the depositor of long-term funds of churches and church-related institutions, you will be able to decide into which of several Investment Funds you wish to have your endowment trust or deposit account invested. The permanent charitable trusts and long term deposit accounts are pooled together for investment purposes. This partnership offers the possibility of minimizing investment cost while maximizing investment returns.