Foundation Grants

The Foundation’s grant program is a demonstration of how we fulfill the mission of having been sent in Jesus’ name with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Each year The Foundation tithes anticipated revenue to help provide funding for ministry that is reaching out into the world.  Grants support outward focused ministries - addressing the needs of the poor, lost, and marginalized - helping Annual Conference ministries to increase their relevancy to the world. That's what we're about, isn't it? Changing the world?

Guidelines -- Awards are granted based on the following guidelines:

  • In general, Foundation grants are not intended to provide sustaining support or to fund the existing regular operational obligations of a church or agency.  Rather, Foundation grants are primarily intended to help initiate programs, projects or activities – especially those that are innovative, new or acutely needed.  Our priority is to fund activities in the conference that have the capacity of enriching many or all local churches' ministries.  
  • We will avoid becoming the perpetual funder for any ongoing program or ministry.  
  • We target our resources primarily to United Methodist programs and ministries of the West Virginia Annual Conference.  
  • We want to be targeted and strategic in our grant-making, preferring to make fewer substantial commitments, rather than diluting our impact by spreading our resources thinly over many small requests.   
  • We conscientiously attempt to communicate with conference leadership to better understand the Conference’s needs and opportunities.

Additional Information -- The Grants Committee provides the following additional information to help in your application process:

  • Grant recipient organizations must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization.
  • We are unable to provide funding for international projects that have no United States connection.
  • When providing funding for mission work teams, the committee intends to focus on funding for project materials but not for team member expenses.
  • We will not ordinarily provide support for ongoing programs such as backpack ministries and food pantries. 
  • We do not routinely provide support for building repairs, maintenance, or capital improvements for a local church building.
  • The following statistics are updated annually to help applicants determine an appropriate amount of funds for a request:
    • The Foundation’s total grant budget for 2020 is $108,750.
    • The Foundation’s largest grant award was for $22,500.
    • The Foundation’s average grant award is $6,000.

Applications:  Grant applications should be made using our Grant Application Form.  This is available below as either a PDF for printing or a Word document to complete on the computer.  The download includes instructions, the Grant application form, and our Grant Terms and Conditions.  The completed Application and the signed Terms and Conditions must be submitted prior to the submission deadlines listed below in order to be considered at the next Grant Committee meeting.  

If you would like to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can do so at this link. 

The submission deadlines for 2020 are February 29, 2020 and July 31, 2020. Submissions should be made to or mailed to our address (P.O. Box 3811, Charleston, WV, 25338-3811).   An informational flyer can be downloaded here.

Grant Administration Forms:  After a grant is awarded, you may need to download the forms listed below.  These forms are unnecessary during the application process

  • Reimbursement Request form - Some grants are awarded using a reimbursement process.  If that is the case with the grant you received, you can use this form to request reimbursement for approved ministry expenses.  
  • Grant Report Summary Form - Grant Recipients are required to submit this form at one or more of the following time points:
    • For one year grants, either at the end of the project period or one year after the date of the grant award letter, whichever comes first
    • For multi-year grant awards, this form is to be submitted annually, and as a final report at the end of the project
    • For one year grant awards, if you are requesting an extension, this form should be completed at the time of the extension request, annually if applicable, and at the end of the project.