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Foundation Representative

A Foundation Representative is an officer elected by a charge to serve as a connection between the United Methodist Foundation and local churches.  They are nominated by the Lay Leadership Committee of the charge and approved by the Charge Conference.  One Foundation Representative is elected per charge.

It isn’t necessary to have a background in finance or to have a previous connection to The Foundation to serve in this role.  The only gift necessary is a heart for the connectional church and for local ministry.  We’ll help with all the rest.

Foundation Representatives:

  • Explore ways to promote the ministry of The Foundation at the local church.
  • Report to the local Administrative Council (or equivalent) regarding Foundation activities and opportunities for education and ministry.
  • Request communication material from The Foundation as needed in the local church.
  • Facilitate the observance of Foundation Sunday at the local church level.
  • Contact The Foundation to request presentations at the local church level regarding the ministry of The Foundation or planned giving (estate planning) as needed by the church.
  • Communicate opportunities and encourage local church members to attend district or regional Foundation presentations.

Foundation Representatives can learn more about The Foundation by reviewing the material we provide and by attending local or district/regional Foundation training events.  It is also helpful to become familiar with the United Methodist Disciplinary statements regarding United Methodist Foundations and Socially Responsible Investing.  Ask questions and get to know us.  We are here to help.


We encourage Foundation Representatives to browse the website and download resources that may interest you.  We offer a brochure that is written for Foundation Representatives that you can download at this link.  Like us on Facebook for updates on The Foundation’s ministry. 

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