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Gifts of Cash

Gifts of cash are immediate donations to The Foundation and are a great way to support our ministries and the ministries of our Annual Conference. No amount is too small or too large for a cash donation.  All cash gifts to the Foundation or to any of the funds The Foundation manages are tax deductible, providing you meet the IRS requirements for itemizing deductions.

To make a gift, you can either send a check payable to the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia to The Foundation office or make a donation on-line either by credit card or by automatic transfer from your bank account.  

  • To send a check, mail it to: United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia; P.O. Box 3811; Charleston, WV  25338-3811
  • To give on-line,  click the Give button at the top of the page.

Your money will go where you specify.  You can indicate an existing account to recieve your gift.  If no account is specified, your gift will be used to support the ministry of The Foundation.  You can use a gift of cash to establish an Endowment account or a donor advised fund at The Foundation to support current and future ministry.   

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