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God has called us to generous living: giving of what we have been given to change the world.  Our stewardship of what we have received will lead to gifts for ministry throughout our lifetime, and beyond our lifetime through our estate.

Jeff and donorThe Foundation can help you plan and complete your gifts. Explore our website to consider the possibilities of ways to give now and through your estate, and how to create a permanent endowment for ministry. 

Planned giving is usually accomplished through the use of accumulated resources.  Because generosity through planned giving can be more complicated than writing a check, The Foundation stands ready to work with you and your financial planners to achieve your goals.  We will help to match your desire to give with the needs in ministry and explore with you the type of planned gift that would be best in your circumstances.

Contact us to further explore what you find on our website, or to begin plans for your own gifts for current and future ministry.

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