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Religious and Spiritual Life Endowment

The Endowment for Religious and Spiritual Life at West Virginia Wesleyan College was created by Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball and Rev. Dr. Barry Steiner Ball to provide financial support to ensure that students at WVWC receive the opportunity to participate in United Methodist spiritual and religious practices, to receive pastoral guidance, and to provide connections between the College and United Methodist congregations and youth ministries.

Once the Endowment has reached a point where it can maintain a distribution of $10,000 per year or ten years after it was created, its annual net income will be distributed to the college each year to support the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at the College. 

You are invited to help build the endowment for the perpetual future support of the ministry at the College.  Your participation in the Bishop's Chalice Challenge event is one way to support this effort.  You can also give a gift directly to the endowment at this link (Select Other; indicate Religious and Spiritual Life in the text box), or by mailing a check to The Foundation.

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