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Sustainable Investing

The United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc. has long had a policy of socially responsible investing.  Investments are made in accordance with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church: corporations whose major revenues are derived from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, production of nuclear armaments, pornography, and private prisons are excluded. We not only engage in negative screening, but we also take positive actions through sustainable investing. Through our partnership with Wespath Institutional Investment, we practice:

  • Advocacy:  We make investments in companies that have a good track record in terms of how they treat the environment, the social positions they take, and good governance.
  • Corporate Engagement:  Along with other United Methodist investors, we can use our collective strength to engage corporate leadership to actually change how they act. One real-life example is how United Methodist investors and others have been successful in persuading a large chocolate manufacturer to agree to purchase 100% free-trade cocoa by the year 2020. This kind of involvement in transforming the world seems to be the very kind of activity John Wesley would encourage.
  • Positive Social Purpose Lending Program: We have part of our funds invested in a positive social purpose lending program that provides funds for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing that improves the quality of life for thousands of individuals facing poverty. This is accomplished by acquiring loans from nonprofit corporations. Investments in multifamily, senior and special-needs housing not only help people who need it, but also achieve competitive rates of return. 

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